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World's Purest Organic Arabica Bean-Since 2003

Keens is truly a labor of love. A love story that starts with the view and quickly spreads to the land, the bean, the master and His Artisans. Each Artisan cultivates only a few sheltered growing patches. He plants thousands of new coffee plants and indigenous shade trees to shelter the beans. Over the course of the next few years he will remove, by hand, every single weed that threatens his beloved crop. No – his men are no common farmers – they’re Latin lovers!

Our Magic Formula

1. Purest Organica Arabica Bean

2. Roasted FRESH by Our Heisenberg

 3.1+2= BEST & FRESHEST Organic Arabica You'll EVER have

From Costa Rica to your Coffee Maker Direct

Keenr's Rants...

"Just the best
damn beans money can buy"  John Greyl

“Best Coffee I’ve ever Had”Sally Rose

"Thanks again for bringing us the best of Costa Rica!" James Jones

“Keens is to coffee what
Hemingway is to a short Novel’ Marion 

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    8oz Per Bag

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      If Keens Beans is NOT the best organic Arabica You’ve ever tasted. Call us and we'll gladly even refund your shipping and handling Charges no questions asked. In 10days and every week after, we'll ship you an 8oz supply On the way we roast so you can enjoy keens fresh organic Arabica Beans for only $29.96 per week.

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